Welcome to the beautiful world of Peeple!

All Peeple are gentle souls and like to be friendly and kind. They're very mindful and communicate in many ways. And they are highly sensitive, love to listen and are willing to give sometimes free-spirited advice.

Peeple are very generous and like to help wherever they can. Some of them have a very special sense of humour and like to be a bit silly from time to time.
All Peeple are especially tolerant, peaceful and love to make new friends.

Peeple are explorers, travellers and adventurers

They come from far and have seen a lot! Therefor they have some great wisdom and understanding that they are happy to share with those who like to listen.

Because Peeple are very curious they love to discover hidden treasures, the small ones as much as the big ones and especially those they find in a metaphorical sense.

And as every passionate traveller they have quite some experiences in finding the beauty in everyone.

They are on a mission

Peeple stand for the fact that it is wonderful to be different than anybody else, that you can be imperfect and still be lovable. They’re the way they want to be, not the way someone expects them to be.

Peeple symbolize tolerance, friendliness and love.
They are individuals and their differences makes them a strong and lovely team.

Peeple dream big and they believe in the good in everyone.
So if you feel the same a Peeple might be a good companion for you.
And if you know someone special who could need an understanding, encouraging Peeple companion you might like to consider giving one.






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