My percipience of the world seems to work very much different than those of other ... um ... beings. Not better or worse - just pretty much different. My artwork is for those who dare to risk another point of view. And those who just like, love, adore, or simply want to have it for the one or another reason...!

... how you’ll usually see me...


So far I used to live in 7 cities in 3 countries on 2 continents and have seen much more, always need more impressions - like to be moving / a traveller to be happy.

I'm founder and CEO of
the international Peace Project World’s Greatest Smile, which is supported by 28 Nobel Laureates - including the 14th Dalai Lama - politicians, artists and many more.

Besides that I like to explore humans and human behaviour. And I like bugs
. As long as they don’t bite. The humans, too. As long as they don’t bite.

Want to know more? Ok, here we go:

  • Women’s World Record / German Record:
    memorizing and reproduction of the
    number Pi with 5555 digits behind the comma
  • World Record: memorizing and reproduction of the
    number e with 666 digits behind the comma
  • author of "EASY learning and memory training"
  • World Record: 24-hours-joggling-relay, Joggling = Jogging + Juggling (organization and participation)
  • creator and host of "vote for pope" (winner was Angelina Jolie) and creator and host of "vote for chancellor" (winning feature was 'honest', followed by 'morally' and 'result-oriented')
  • successfully auctioned the temporary use of my brain three times
  • host and creator of may other happy, peaceful and very strange events
  • artist

And there is even more... oh, I've just seen a squirrel outside...! And I'm hungry... what is not related to the squirrel... So I'll tell you more when we meet!

Looking forward!


(... and I can look nicely and almost civilised as well)
Prof. Dr. Frank Wilczek (Nobel Laureate Physics) and me





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Meike Duch & Andreas Lietzow
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